About the SJSA Representative Squads:

The 2024 SJSA Representative Squads are targeted at 10 – 12year olds who want to develop their football skills. 

At SJSA we understand the significance of the development of young players while encouraging them to have fun & love the game & we are excited to be able to continue to offer this opportunity.

We aim to promote:

·       Positive team culture and spirit

·       Game skills

·       Exposure to more games

·       FUN – our most important aspect!

Tournaments & Competitions:

·       Not only will the Squads provide quality training for those young players involved, it will also offer them the opportunity to represent SJSA in various tournaments. 

·       SJSA is the regional affiliate to the Country Leagues Football Association which brings all of Victoria’s regional associations together for the Country Championships Tournament in June of each year. Our Squads will represent Greater Shepparton in this tournament in 2024. 

·       The squads will also compete in Boys & Girls FC in March & ASF in October.

·       The SJSA Representative Squads will have the unique opportunity to consolidate their training skills by playing in the SJSA winter competition – the squad match is in addition to their school/club team match each week. 

Age Groups for 2023 Squads: 

·       Under 11 (year of birth: 2013)

·       Under 12 (year of birth: 2012)


·      Training will be held on Monday nights commencing early in February 2024 at the Shepparton Sports Precinct.


·      $395.00 includes the playing kit.

·      Please note that tournament fees & all other costs associated with tournaments such as accommodation & travel are an additional cost. 


·       Must have played with a SJSA School / Club team in 2023.

·       Must play with a SJSA School / Club team in 2024.


·      The squads have been made possible through a strong partnership between SJSA & McDonalds Shepparton. 


·      Trials for Under 11's & Under 12's will be held on the SJSA pitches at the Shepparton Sports Precinct between 6.30pm – 8.00pm on Tuesday November 21st & Monday November 27th, 2023. 

Register for trials here