SJSA Social Media Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the use of all social media platforms, including (but not limited to) the Shepparton Junior Soccer Association (SJSA) Website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter by all members of SJSA including players, parents, coaches, team managers and committee members.

It relates specifically to the use of social media to make comments in a context that are identifiable as being in relation to SJSA. This includes comments or implied comments regarding games or club events, team or player performance & individuals with a direct context or mention of their role within SJSA including Executive Committee, Delegates, Coaches, Team Managers & Match Officials.


This policy is about the tools that the Association will use in its communication strategy and its members use of social media. This policy is not about the tools that individuals use in their day-2-day communications, moreover it applies specifically to the Associations’ policy and potential action should the conduct of any group or individual be deemed to have brought the Association into disrepute.


Social media is a social instrument of communication used to share information and resources.

Social media includes (but is not limited to); the SJSA website, social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter, blogs including YouTube, Picasa and corporate and personal blogs, blogs hosted by media outlets and instant messaging including SMS.


Social media is no different than a live microphone; what members post will be broadcast across a wide audience and therefore members must be mindful that comments will be interpreted by more than just the closest friends it was intended for.

Members must be prepared for the post to be not only seen by the person's they're referring to but also team mates, opposition players, coaches, parents, friends and of course the SJSA Executive.


 1      All comments notes or photos posted on social media sites in relation to the SJSA and affiliated schools & clubs are to be constructive or positive in their nature.

 2      Material that is vulgar or obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful must not be posted.

3       It is always the members responsibility to be respectful on social media. Members are expected to show the same respect is expected under SJSA rules when playing, officiating or attending a soccer match.

4       Social media may not to be used to be critical of team mates, opposition players, coaches, team managers, spectators, match officials, SJSA administrators & volunteers. Negative comments, images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks can be dangerous and harmful to people's well-being and reputation and to the image of individuals.

5       Always assume the individual being written about will see the social media post.

6       It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure comments are factually correct & use social media as a positive outlet to promote players, team mates, teams, clubs & schools involved in SJSA. Positive posts acknowledging individual and team performance on social media results in awareness of achievement that can have a positive affect for many people and should be used, encouraged and embraced wherever and whenever possible.

7       Do not tolerate or condone poor social media behaviour or actions. Members must not accept poor social media behaviour or actions; there is no place for such actions in soccer and it must not be condoned. Members should remind others of their responsibilities when using social media and warn that action can be taken against them if the communications breaches of the code of conduct.   


Any person who believes that they have been the victim of inappropriate electronic communication in line with this policy, should report the matter immediately to the SJSA Executive committee. Such reports must be in writing & any evidence that supports the allegations must be included.

SJSA will undertake to investigate the concerns as soon as all evidence has been obtained. 

As these matters are often involved, the SJSA reserves the right to take as much time as it is needed to investigate the allegations.

The decision of the investigating Executive Committee member will be final, and no further correspondence or investigation will be entered in to once the outcome has been finalized.


SJSA has a zero tolerance on any breaches of the social media code of conduct. Bringing SJSA or any of its’ affiliated schools or clubs into disrepute will not be tolerated. Racial and or religious vilification, gender vilification & derogatory remarks towards any individual associated with SJSA will be dealt with accordingly.

Inappropriate use of social media can result in serious consequences. Negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist or derogatory remarks not only impact negatively on the individua(ls) they are targeting but reflect poorly on the instigator, their parents and the team and school or club they represent.

Penalties to be applied will be decided by the Executive Committee and may include but is not limited: to an official warning, suspension for any number of weeks or expulsion from SJSA.


It is the responsibility of all members of the Shepparton Junior Soccer Association, including players, parents & guardians, coaches, team managers, delegates & match officials to abide by this policy.

The SJSA Executive Committee recognises that as a provider of information, there is a duty of care to convey information to all players in members in a respectful and courteous manner in both verbal & written form.

The SJSA committee understands & accepts the responsibility to this effect and will enforce the code of conduct with integrity & consistency.


This policy will be reviewed annually by the SJSA Executive Committee with the aim to ensure it remains relevant & practical and that it reflects community expectations & legal requirements.

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