SJSA is proud and excited to offer our first Skills Acquisition Phase Program. McDonalds has partnered with us to offer this free program to identified SJSA players.

What is the Skill Acquisition Phase?

The Skill Acquisition Phase is the second of the 4 training building blocks & focuses on players aged between 8 and 12. Children or these ages are usually:

  • highly motivated and enthusiastic
  • competitive, like challenges and want to show they’re the best
  • well balanced and coordinated
  • adaptive to learning motor skills
  • starting to learn how to work together
  • sensitive to criticism and failure (praise is important)
  • physically and mentally ready for a more structured approach to training

This is the period before entering the growth spurt that goes hand in hand with puberty, and children are well balanced and coordinated. This makes them very adaptive to developing motor skills (techniques) especially since this is one of the brain’s key development periods. Some children, in particular girls, will be going through the growth spurt during this period so the coach must take this into consideration as they will be experiencing major physical and emotional changes during such time.

Motor development experts call this phase of ‘turbo charged’ technical development: the ‘Golden Age of motor learning’. In no other development phase in life will motor learning happen faster than here. As a logical consequence of the above, it makes sense that we optimize this period to lay a sustainable technical foundation to develop more confident and technically proficient players.

What is the purpose of a Skill Acquisition Phase program?

A key aspect of the Football Federation Australia National Curriculum is the implementation of a Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) Program to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified players at the critical ages of 8 to 12.

As this is the golden age of motor learning, it is important to give players aged 9 to 12 years access to good quality training environments close to home, which focus on the development of game related functional skills. These are the technical skills a player needs to perform effectively during a match. Training at this age should be FUN and focus on the 4 core skills in both attack and defense.

The 4 core skills are:

  • First Touch
  • Striking the ball
  • Running with the ball
  • 1 vs 1

Delivery of SAP programs

Member Federations (MF) accredit clubs and associations with a SAP licence. In order to obtain a SAP licence, clubs must reach a minimum criteria set out by the MF in consultation with FFA. This ensures the program is delivered by qualified coaches following the FFA National Football Curriculum and Skill Acquisition GIG Methodology.

Football Victoria has awarded the SJSA SPA Program a Gold Standard rating.

SJSA SAP program Coaches

We are extremely fortunate to have David Davkovski as our head coach. David holds a B Licence and has a wealth of experience having coached at both community & elite levels.

David will be supported by Tommy Guiliani and Shaban Mehmet. Shaban holds a B Licence & Tommy holds a C Licence & both also have vast amounts of coaching experience at both elite & community levels.

What can players expect in the SJSA 2019 SAP program?

The SJSA SAP Program will be conducted over 3 blocks of 9 – 11 weeks commencing early in April.

A Gala Day will be held at the end of each block.

Breaks will be taken after each Gala Day and for school holidays (unless stipulated by the SAP co-ordinator).

SAP training will take place on Monday and Wednesday in addition to School/Club training and will take priority over Club / School training.

Participants will play with their Club/School on Saturdays.

The primary focus is the provision of function game skills.

An absolute requirement is placed on an immediate skills transfer into positioning and small-sided games. It is based on World’s Best Practice and has been developed by internationally acclaimed technical coaches and the FFA technical department.

The most critical aspect of SAP is the training environment and training plan provided to the player by the local Skill Acquisition Program Head Coach, implemented appropriately by trained instructors.

Participation in the SJSA SAP program will provide a pathway into the SJSA Greater Shepparton Representative Squad Program.

Registrations to trial for the SJSA 2019 SAP program have now closed