A Summer of Soccer…


  • Seven-a-side is Shepparton Junior Soccer Association’s social football competition.
  • The playing format is 7 v 7 played on a modified smaller pitch using 5 x 2 m goals.
  • The emphasis on fun, fitness and has social benefits that only a team sport can offer, it is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.
  • The competition runs for 6 weeks.
  • Seven-a-side is aimed at players aged 8 and above and provides everyone with the opportunity to touch the ball more often, improve your skills and play in a fun and social environment.


  • Teams have 7 players on the pitch, including the goalkeeper
  • The maximum players that can be registered for a team is 14
  • Five players are required to kick-off a game

Competition Categories/Age Groups

  • Juniors
    • Mixed: Under 10, Under 12, Under 16
  • Seniors
    • Men: Open (16 – 35 years)
    • Over 35/Mixed(dispensation for younger players on application) 
    • Women: Open
  • Mixed
    • Open – a minimum of three (2) females must be on the field at any given time
    • If there are not enough teams to run a stand-alone Open Women Competition, an all-female team may play in a mixed competition.
  • A minimum of four (4) teams are required for an age group/category to go ahead.


  • Football boots or runners may be worn
  • Shin guards are compulsory for all on-field players
  • Shin guards must be completely covered by socks
  • Teams should wear shirts of a matching or similar colour; matching uniforms are not essential
  • Goalkeepers should wear a different coloured shirt to the rest of the team
  • Matching shorts and socks are not essential
  • Bibs will be provided in the case of opposing teams wearing similar colours
  • Jewellery of any kind is not permitted to be worn; taping of jewellery is not permitted

Playing the Game

  • The match will consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a ten (10) minute half-time break
  • The SJSA Coordinator (not the Match Official) may change the duration of both halves and/or half-time to ensure the match finishes by the scheduled time
  • Games are played on approximately half of a full-size pitch
  • The offside rule does not apply
  • Throw-ins are not permitted when the whole ball crosses the touchline, it must be kicked into the field of play
  • Kick-ins are indirect
  • All free kicks are indirect unless otherwise stated by the Match Official
  • Opponents must be 5m away from the ball at the start of play, free kicks, corner kicks, and kick-ins
  • Opponents must be 5m away from the penalty area for goal kicks
  • The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves
  • All decisions from the Match Official is final
  • The goalkeeper may handle the ball inside the penalty area only
  • After gathering the ball with their hands, goalkeepers must throw or roll the ball into play or place it on the floor and kick it (no drop kicks)
  • The ball must be played within six (6) seconds of a save
  • The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area
  • The interchange system shall apply
  • There is no maximum number of substitutions that can be made during the match
  • Players can be interchanged without notifying the Match Official
  • Players must leave the field before another player replaces them

Fouls and Misdemeanours

  • Red & yellow cards will apply
  • If a player receives two (2) yellow cards or a direct red card in a match, they will be sent from the field of play with no replacement player permitted
  • A red card issued will incur an automatic one game suspension for the player’s next match
  • Disciplinary action for team and player misconduct is at the discretion of SJSA, including:
    • Failure to control the poor behaviour of a player
    • Persistent poor team behaviour throughout the season
    • Poor team behaviour will be taken into account when considering future admission into the competition


  • Including prior to 24 hours of scheduled kick-off time & failure to not show will incur a match payment penalty
  • If a team is late for the game by less than five (5) minutes, they will be penalized one (1) goal
  • If the team is not ready to take the field 5 minutes after the scheduled kick off time, they will forfeit the game 3-0

Match Points/Results

  • WIN: 3 points
  • DRAW: 1 point
  • LOSS: 0 points


  • The team finishing on top of the table in each category/age group at the end of the competition will be Champions
  • Goal difference will be used to separate teams
  • If two teams cannot be separated, then they will declared dual champions