About the Greater Shepparton Representative Squad Program

About Representative Squads

  • The SJSA manages the Greater Shepparton Representative Squads. These squads give young players the opportunity to represent Shepparton in various tournaments throughout the year.
  • It is important that prospective squad members & their parents have a clear understanding of the time & financial commitment required for the Representative Squads.



  • Players must play for a SJSA school/club team in the 2019 season
  • GV Suns players are NOT eligible to be involved in the SJSA Greater Shepparton Representative Squads



  • SJSA Greater Shepparton Representative Squads will be entered in three tournaments during 2019 & all players are required to be available all tournaments.

              1. Boys FC - Boys FC is held in Bendigo at end of March.             

              2. CLFA Country Championships - The 2019 CLFA Country Championships

                  will be held over the long weekend in June in Albury.

              3. AFS Tournament - The Australian Football Skool Tournament is held in

                  Shepparton at the end of October.


  • Representative Squads will train on Monday nights from 6.00pm – 7.30pm; this time may alter slightly depending on individual coach requirements.
  • While we understand that there may be time when a player is unable to attend training due to illness or school commitments, it is an expectation that players regularly attend training sessions.


 Player Commitment

  • Players must fully commit to the coaching team & extend them the respect & commitment that they deserve.
  • Remember the coaching team is giving up valuable personal time & without their dedication this opportunity would not be possible.


 Parent Commitment

  • Parents must commit to assisting their child to attend all Representative Squad training sessions, which includes practise matches organized by the Coach & most importantly, all tournaments.
  • Parents must commit to meet all financial requirements associated with the Representative Squads; all accommodation & travel costs associated with attending tournaments must be met by the player’s family.


 Involvement in SJSA 2019 regular season

  • The Representative Squads will participate in the SJSA Competition in 2019
  • The Squad players will play with their school/club team as well as with the Squad (ie: they will play two matches on a Saturday)

 Representative Squad Fees

  • All squad members will be required to pay a Squad Fee of $325.00.
  • This fee goes towards paying such things as tournament entry fees & associated costs, training equipment, ground hire & lights for training.
  • Included in the squad fee is a kit comprising shirt, shorts, jacket & sport bag.
  • SJSA maintains the fees as low as possible; we do not make any money on the Squads


Payment of Squad Fees

  • Squad Fees will invoiced in January 2019.
  • Fees will be payable by February 28th 2019.
  • Payment plans can be arranged; please contact Karen to discuss a payment plan.
  • Failure to pay this fee will result in the loss of the position on the squad.



  • Any questions regarding the 2019 Representative Squad selection process can be directed to Karen Hocking, SJSA Secretary on 0490147050 or at hocking5@dodo.com.au